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If you have a Web site with an ordinary, dime-a-dozen contact form (or worse yet, a MAILTO link), then chances are that you're getting overwhelmed by spam.

At any given moment, many thousands of computers nicknamed "spambots" are prowling the Web for contact forms and MAILTO links to spam. Even worse, many of these robots are pretty sophisticated and are able to use injection to hijack vulnerable forms and the server hosting them, essentially transforming them into open mail relays.

In addition to the robots, there are "sweatshops" staffed by humans (usually in third-world countries) who actually are paid to submit spam through forms. Although sweatshops probably account for only a small percentage of spam, that percentage is growing as techniques to filter out robots become more sophisticated.

The battle between webmasters and spammers reminds us a lot of the old "Spy vs. Spy" comics in Mad Magazine. Every time we come up with the "perfect" solution to spam, the spammers figure out a way around it, and we have to re-write our code to block them out again. All of this constant tweaking takes time -- far more time than the average professional webmaster can afford to devote to it. It also requires more advanced coding skills than those possessed by most "amateur" webmasters who design and maintain their own personal or small-business Web sites.

Solving the Email Form Spam Problem

SpamFilteredForms.com has a solution. We provide a way for businesses, independent professionals, and ordinary people to create spam-filtered email contact forms that the general public can use to contact them. Our service doesn't require that you know anything about coding (beyond knowing how to place an HTML link on your site), so it's ideal for do-it-yourself Web designers who maintain their own personal or small-business sites.

Our service is also useful for professional webmasters who simply don't have the time to keep up with the latest spamming techniques and build spam countermeasures. We take care of all that on our end, so you can spend your time building the Web.

Our service is available to anyone who has a Web presence, including individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. You may link to our service from any site that allows you to place links, including social networking sites, as long as they don't violate our terms of service.

What's Involved?

To use our service, all you have to do is register, complete an online application, and validate your submission by replying to an email. You will then receive a link to your own personal email contact form. You simply link to your spam-filtered contact form from your existing site insted of using your own contact form or mailto link. The entire process takes minutes and will be up and running as soon as you place the link.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated crew of tireless robots will filter every single message that is submitted, using our exclusive spam-filtering software. We examine both behavior and content to sort legitimate mail from spam, and we offer several user-selectable options for dealing with spammy submissions.

How Much does it Cost?

For now, our basic contact form is free and ad-supported. We also are developing and testing a variety of ad-free, paid versions of our service.

Interested? Please click here to learn about how our service works, or here if you've read enough and are ready to sign up.


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